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Creating something new means accepting changes. Sometimes there are small ideas, which improve a system in its efficiency. But then there are also entire processes, which need to be restructured or new technologies have to be created to reach progress. It can be imagined as a kaleidoscope: Even a tiny turn can tumble the colorful fragments into a new glowing overall pattern. Though, sometimes the scope has to be shaken to loosen the frozen flakes from their old position.

At our 13th OpenPromos Anwenderforum we present industry-spanned trends of technology, which will be relevant to the housing and real estate industry soon. Is the robot the new caretaker or are apartment inspections going to be performed virtually?

Beyond that we´re going to present the latest projects from our development forge. You are rather interested in the user side and want to know everything about the look and feel of our portfolio at first hand? Then you´re at the right place at our customers presentations. Just chose some topics from our agenda you find interesting, register today and profit from our exclusive early bird offers! Because until 15th of February 2017 we say: the early bird catches the worm.  

We´re excited to meet you.

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