Outlook 2017 – Clear Signs for New Building

In 2016 about 10 billion euros have been invested in the German residential property investment market. Especially new building projects showed a strong growth, which will most likely continue in 2017.

In Berlin alone, 775 million euros have been invested in construction project developments in the past year. This equals four and a half times the volume compared to the year 2013. Analysts from CBRE see reasons for the continuous increase in the unbroken demand for living space, especially in the A-cities.[1]

Consequently a lot of work is waiting for construction project developer in the upcoming years. In this respect valid: the bigger the building project, the more complex the project management. Even more astonishing are the results of a survey about the use of management software in the section of the construction and real estate industry. Only 25 percent of the surveyed companies from those industries said they´re using software applications for the process and communication controlling.[2] On the wide field of digital solutions in particular the gradually growing Excel data sheets are dominating. The fact that those are not only huge efficiency-killers compared to industry specific solutions, but also involve the danger of information losses, seems to labor under the fear of implementation costs and further expanses markedly. Though, it could be so easy.

An essential brick of the 360° service and software portfolio of PROMOS are the solutions for a holistic construction project management. Based on the existing data from your ERP-system you are purposefully supported in the organisation and in the controlling of your construction projects. While doing so the PROMOS project cockpit functions as a control centre. Just like a pilot, who keeps an eye on the flight altitude, the rate of rotation and the flight speed from his flight cockpit in order to guarantee a safe and targeted flight, also the construction project manager should have his project numbers available at all times and up-to-date. Budget, planned and actual data, as well as invoices and orders are depicted clearly in the project cockpit. At the same time risks and chances can be captured or for example defects and warranties can be tracked.

Altogether the tool offers, embedded into the industry specific solutions architecture, a high level of integration with a strong user orientation at the same time.

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