Whetting Children´s Appetite for Healthy Food - PROMOS Supports Sarah Wiener Foundation

How does the ideal lunchbox for school look like? Where are our groceries coming from? Why aren´t cows purple? Many of our employees are parents of young children, which is why healthy food lies at their heart. This year, PROMOS has decided to encourage the employee´s dedication. Similar to a pre-Christmas, PROMOS has donated chef´s aprons for children to the Sarah Wiener Foundation from Berlin past week.

On the assumption “For healthy children and reasonable food” the Sarah Wiener Foundation has made it to its goal to introduce healthy eating to children and to teach them about preparation, origin and variety of food. To realize this task successfully, the foundation uses a multiplier system, with which they train teachers, pre-school teachers and other people working and living close to children to perform cooking classes, cooking campaigns or nutrition education with the children.

“We are alarmed about the children´s and teenager´s steady loss of cooking and nutrition competence, because a natural awareness concerning our food is important and prevents from nutritional diseases, like overweight and diabetes type 2. We want to support the foundation in its work and hope to contribute to this with our pre-Christmassy presents”, says Katharina Knorr, CFO of PROMOS consult.

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