No More Tangle of Data! To a Clear Contract Assignment in SAP® with the “Golden Account Number” For the Tenant

A tiny lack of attention and they´re already there – typing errors or transposed digits. What only happens to one person a few times, can have a huge impact in mass.

For example, if only 3 percent of the transfer references of 10,000 tenants are faulty, 300 postings have to be edited manually afterwards. And that every month! The HSH Nordbank AG, as the leading commercial real estate investor of Germany, has spotted this issue and offers its customers a timesaving software solution for the correct assignment of rent payments with the HSH PROMOS Cash Connection tool.

You would like to know more about the solution and are curious, which customer already makes use of the HSH PROMOS Cash Connection? Read the press release here

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Your contact person at the HSH Nordbank:

Stefanie Buhtz
Cash Management & Sales
Department Director
+49 (0)40 3333 14376

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