Ready to Go for the Data Export to DATEV With the Suitable Interface

Putting a USB flash drive next to a laptop, hoping the data will transfer on its own, seems more than naive even to a layperson. But with a common USB interface the data transfer is happening in no time.

With the transfer of accounting data to DATEV it is quite similar. With the difference that the particular interface is not firmly fixed into the hardware, but implemented into your SAP® system by PROMOS.

What that means specifically? 

With the PROMOS DATEV-interface you can export individual items, master data or balances in the DATEV-import form. The provided mapping tables ensure a correct assignment of original to target data. This way you can use data from your SAP® system without any problems and without a manual transfer in the appropriate DATEV software. To make sure no mistake happened during the export, a simulation run can be performed in advance. Beyond that, the result list of the selected document contains data for DATEV as well as the original documents from SAP®, to make a comparison of positions possible.  

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