You have expanded your portfolio, now what?

Just in terms of supply and demand, expanding portfolios is no easy task for real estate companies. And when the commercial side is taken care of, you then need to transfer the relevant master data into the SAP® system.

SAP® provides a clever tool for this step, which allows data to be migrated from third-party systems to SAP®. The Legacy Systems Migration Workbench (LSMW) is a cross-application component of the SAP® system and is thus platform independent.  

The migration can be performed as part of the LSMW using various import techniques, such as batch input, IDoc or BAPI. For master data relating to real estate, BAPI is usually used. BAPI stands for Business Application Programming Interface. These are standardised methods that can be used to access the SAP® business objects, such as an accounting entity or lease-out. The methods available for real estate portfolio acquisitions include “Create”, “Change” or “Delete”. The selection screen leads you through each step intuitively. For simpler structures, batch input sessions are also sometimes used.

One key advantage of the LSMW is that programming skills are not necessarily required in order to use the tool and users can perform the migration themselves with a little practice. This is a major benefit when you need to make data adjustments repeatedly. If the source data in question is always provided in the same data structures, you can then re-use the same LSMW project each time. Furthermore, the LSMW can also be used for mass updates within the master data.

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