Safety first – enter smoke detectors seamlessly in SAP®

Did you know that our hearing works while we are sleeping but our sense of smell does not? We make use of this fact not only for our morning alarm, but also for smoke detectors. After all, fires can be particularly fatal at night. Just three to four breaths of the poisonous smoke can render a person unconscious, or even kill them.

For this reason, it is now obligatory to equip new and renovated buildings with smoke detectors throughout Germany. Depending on the individual federal state, and in some instances with a transition period, this regulation is even in place for all apartments including those in existing buildings. This is governed by the building regulations of the individual federal states. These regulations also specify whether the tenant or the owner is responsible for installing and maintaining the little lifesavers.

To maintain an overview on the landlord’s side, it makes sense to maintain the installation in SAP® in the form of relevant fixtures and fittings for the rental object. Here, the users then not only specify whether a corresponding device is installed, but also the validity date, the last time it was serviced and the number of smoke detectors installed. Users decide for themselves whether to store the number of smoke detectors per room or the total number for each rental unit. The calculated quantity – formed either by totalling the number for the individual rooms or by directly entering the number for the entire rental unit –  is mapped automatically so that this value can be seen at a glance. The current data (including the address of the rental object, data regarding the attached contract and details of existing smoke detectors) can be exported to an Excel file, either in bulk or individually, using an import/export function. The file can then be updated accordingly and reimported into the SAP® system. This allows users to create new smoke detectors or change data relating to the existing smoke detectors in bulk.

You too can update your fittings and fixtures. Our experts would be happy to advise you.

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