A new look and feel for the craftsmen portal

According to an old saying, “food should also be a feast for the eyes”. However, the visual perception of our surroundings does not only play a fundamental role when it comes to eating. Our consumer behaviour is also significantly influenced by visual criteria.

The same applies when dealing with software products, where an appealing design not only makes operation a joy, but also a much simpler experience. In this context we talk about a high level of usability. This is influenced just as much by the colour of the products as, for example, the arrangement of operating elements or the clarity of the shapes and icons.

Appealing design and intuitive operation

When redesigning our easysquare craftsmen portal, we placed a particular focus on good usability. The visually rejuvenated craftsmen portal is now based on the intuitive design of easysquare mobile. Just like with the redesigned PROMOS.GT, clear icons now also guide the user through the functional areas of this portal.

High performance

For the craftsmen portal relaunch, it was particularly important to us not to simply scratch the surface, but to provide a more enjoyable user experience through improved performance. Data can now be selected much faster. In addition, thanks to the upgrade to the new SAP® UI5 standard, the craftsmen portal is now completely browser-independent.

New functions

We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, but simply to make a good thing better. You can therefore continue to rely on the craftsmen portal’s familiar and proven functionalities. In addition, we have made several improvements. For example, there is now a free-text search, a map function to display address data, and a breadcrumb for simplified navigation through the function areas.

Through adjustments in the three key areas of design, functionality and performance, we have created an entirely new user experience for the new craftsmen portal. This not only accelerates your processes, but also increases user acceptance.

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