PROMOS expands its centre of excellence

A company can only ever be as good as the sum of its employees. Since its founding, PROMOS has paid particular attention to the continued development and targeted support of its consultants, developers and back-office staff. Our customers benefit in the form of excellent expert consulting that is always based on the latest from technology and business.

To develop the breadth and depth of the existing knowledge at the company even further, we endeavour to expand our employee base with expert personnel on a regular basis. The combination of fresh ideas from new employees and the many years of experience and extensive product knowledge of our long-term staff has proved to be a successful concept for PROMOS. Currently, 170 employees give their very best at four locations.

Over the past month, PROMOS has spoken to a range of young creative thinkers – from ABAP developers to real estate experts – at Berlin’s Connecticum, a job fair for recent graduates. We look forward to discovering which new faces will soon be crossing the threshold at PROMOS.

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