Off to Madrid with a PROMOS scholarship

For the ninth time in a row, PROMOS is supporting a young student from the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau with a scholarship for a work placement abroad. This year’s winner is Christin Schulz, who is studying for her Bachelor’s degree in European Management. During the annual open day at the Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences on 20 May 2017, Prof. Dr. László Ungvári, the university’s President and Prof. Dr. Bertil Haack, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Computing and Law, presented the scholarship certificate in an official ceremony.

With the total prize money of EUR 1,800, the win is fulfilling Schulz’s dream of completing a work placement in Spain. In the three-month period, she will further strengthen her linguistic and business-specific skills at the German Foreign Chamber of Commerce in Madrid “During my work placement, I hope to use the skills I have learned in practical projects and, of course, gain relevant knowledge for my upcoming Bachelor’s thesis so that I can use this to provide examples in my academic work,” says Schulz, explaining the goals she has set herself for her forthcoming time abroad.

Schulz impressed the jury with her paper on “Digital Business”, in which she looked at the trend away from in-store retail and towards modern e-commerce systems. She is convinced that digital business models can be extended to all areas of the service sector, and she even sees potential in healthcare in the form of medical consultations performed via digital technology.

As an innovator with many years of experience in the real estate sector, PROMOS is also supporting the digital transformation with a broad portfolio of IT tools that have been tried and tested in practice. “Our aim is not only to provide our customers with the key to significant process improvements, but, through newly conceived apps for their tenants, owners and other stakeholders, to also offer them genuine competitive advantages and the basis for working in new business areas on the market,” says Jens Kramer, CEO of PROMOS, explaining the benefits of following a digitisation strategy.

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