PROMOS consumption analysis – a short cut to sustainable behaviour

Be it businesses like “Veganz” (a vegan supermarket chain) and “Original Unverpackt” (a supermarket that uses no packaging), or the trend towards electronic cars and solar panels on the roof of your own house, today’s consumers no longer want to merely consume, but increasingly also to act on their awareness of sustainability issues. This is where our PROMOS consumption analysis comes in.

It provides every tenant with a precise analysis of their consumption behaviour in the areas of heating and hot and cold water as well as recommended actions if necessary. This allows tenants to more easily meet their own high standards for environmentally sustainable behaviour without risking any damage to the rented property, for example due to mould formation.

What does the PROMOS consumption analysis include?

The PROMOS consumption analysis is a component of the utility cost statement letter that is sent to tenants. There are three parts to the PROMOS consumption analysis.

The first part shows tenants the consumption costs per square metre for their apartment in relation to the average in their residential complex. If consumption falls below or exceeds certain limits, a note is added with additional recommended actions. The landlord can specify the desired limit values and notes individually. In this way, the landlord also benefits significantly from using the PROMOS consumption analysis.

It goes without saying that landlords can specify the design of the PROMOS consumption analysis themselves; for example, integrating their own logos, determining the type of graphic display or, as mentioned above, specifying limit values and individually formulating the notes to be sent to tenants.

In the second part, the data for the current settlement period is compared with that from the previous two settlement periods. Tenants can use this three-year presentation of the cost development to draw further conclusions regarding their consumption behaviour.

The third part of the PROMOS consumption analysis shows tenants where their heating energy consumption falls on the EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance) energy performance scale.

What are the conditions for implementing the consumption analysis?

E-records from the meter reading company are required to create the analysis. According to the German Heating Costs Ordinance (Heizkostenordnung), the cost of creating the consumption analysis is apportionable if data for three settlement periods is presented.

Provided suitable measurement technology is in place, easysquare can also be used to create consumption analyses throughout the year, providing tenants with more detailed information about their behaviour.

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