Smart tenant app – the future lies in our hands

How can digital tenant communications be mapped in an app in the future? What functions should these apps have? And what else needs to be considered when introducing them? You can experience a best-practice report from LPW Leipzig on 28 June 2017 as part of GdW’s WohnZukunftsTag (Future of Living Day).

True to the motto of hands-on products and solutions, GdW Bundesverband deutscher Wohnungs- und Immobilienunternehmen e.V. (Federal Association of German Housing and Property Companies) is hosting the innovation congress from 27–28 June 2017. The event format brings together a wide range of different topics, from the impact for the housing sector of the sharing economy and the wave of delivery services, to smart living, the climate protection debate and citizens’ participation in new-build projects and the design of residential environments featuring green spaces in urban development.

LWB presents the easysquare tenant app

Over two days, some 400 guests will also discuss current digitisation trends relating to real estate. Leipziger Wohnungs- und Baugesellschaft mbH (LWB for short) will give a special report on innovation that has already been implemented in practice. The company has boasted something tangible since spring 2017 and is performing extensive testing on a demo version of its own tenant app. Siegfried Gallitschke, head of sales/product marketing at LWB, will present the easysquare tenant app in action in his speech.

As private users, we are already used to using an app on our smartphone for the most varied areas of life. Be it timetable information, checking our bank balance or checking the latest news – apps provide key information and functions in a condensed and user-friendly format adapted to the terminal device in question.  This phenomenon has long since reached the real estate market as well.

Housing industry 4.0

Digitisation provides excellent opportunities for improving tenant communication and increasing customer satisfaction. Tenant apps not only serve as aids for digitising simple communication channels. Modern concepts like that of easysquare also take into consideration the process flow as a whole, as well as optimal networking with the target group, allowing workflows to be improved considerably and communication paths shortened.

This means that the easysquare app can be used not only to report damage to the rental property, but also to administer all contracts and documents, for example permission to sub-let or operating cost statements. Further highlights, such as the new neighbourhood assistance, apartment searching in the inventory and rental of guest apartments, can be flexibly added to the easysquare tenant app as services.

“We are extremely pleased with the shared solution. The easysquare app provides us with a range of solutions that is unparalleled on the market, allowing us to continue enhancing services for our tenants in the future,” says Siegfried Gallitschke.

easysquare creates a win–win situation

App users are provided with a wealth of services from their property management company, which allow them to communicate more smartly with LWB in the future. In this case, smart communication means communication that is easier, faster, more convenient, time-independent, available around the clock, paperless, traceable and transparently documented.

However, the easysquare tenant app is not only an ideal customer retention tool; above all, it holds huge cost-cutting potential for the companies: “With our easysquare platform, the ongoing costs ultimately amount to one euro per tenant and year. This is negligible compared with conventional communication via a call centre and post,” says Jens Krämer, CEO of PROMOS consult.

If they are designed right, tenant apps like easysquare provide the ideal framework for successful communication and bring landlords and tenants closer together.

Be inspired by the reports from LWB – visit the talk:
Siegfried Gallitschke presents “The ‘easysquare’ tenant app in action” | 28 June 2017 | Panel 2 | 1.35–2.35 p.m.
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