Collaboration With Foresight – From The Beginning. Information About The Cooperation With MobileIron

Within the progressing digitisation in companies mobile devices become a larger part in the daily business and in the management of operative processes and get more important as working devices for the user. But what happens after a loss? And how can company owned data be secured?

For IT manager the questions inevitably occurs how on the one hand different models and operating systems of mobile devices can be administered and managed, and on the other hand under which security conditions mobile devices can access company owned data and applications from “the outside”.

ClassicMobile-Device-Management solutions (MDM) have firstly dedicated to the aspect of the way of administration that functionalities like a wipe-out of devices in a case of loss/theft or the provision of company owned app stores can be secured. In this rather traditional approach an interface to the company´s infrastructure and the access to sensitive data and applications via infrastructural technologies on operating system levels like reverse-proxy mechanisms or VPN-connects are loosened. These types of interfaces are built up on requirements of an application (app) at the device say to say holistically for the entire device once per session.

With this form of interface the entire device becomes an internal part of the company´s network – just as long as the VPN-connection exists. Here is a danger that besides a business-app, which accesses sensitive data in the company, also harmful apps on the device can access those sensitive data via the VPN-tunnel.

Exactly this aspect has been a focus of the company MobileIron, which developed a possibility with AppConnect that per app one so-called AppTunnel is built up, which only authorized devices, applications and user may access for company data.

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