The PROMOS Account Balances For The Preparation of Your Monthly or Annual Settlements

The fall has come. Already thinking about the annual settlement? With the PROMOS account balance you will not only simplify the monitoring of your rental contracts and deposits within the receivable management massively, but also attune control accounts in the financial accounting with the balances in the subledger accounting in order to identify false entries effectively.

The PROMOS account balance is a report, which only lists contracts selected by numerous selection criteria, which balance is not zero. This way it gives a comfortable overview on contracts, which show credits or arrears in selectable amount. The amount of the arrear is depicted in relation to the current rent with the help of a traffic light function. A red light means an arrear of more than two rents, a yellow light means an arrear of more than one rent and a green light means a credit or arrear less than one rent. This way arrears as well as credits can be identified quickly.

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