IT&I No. 26 – Hurray for digitisation

Can you imagine what your workplace would have looked like 20 years ago? There would almost certainly have been mountains of files. The technical devices that make our working lives easier today would have taken up much less space – there really has been great progress when it comes to digitisation.

As PROMOS, we have now been driving digitisation in the real-estate industry with innovative solutions for 20 years. This anniversary is reason enough to take a look back in the latest issue of IT&I.

In addition, our customers once again provide exciting reports on digitisation in practice, including the articles “Brilliance in Bonn – implementing a comprehensive digitisation strategy” and “Simply illuminating – Leipzig’s public utilities company uses electronic data exchange in purchasing and logistics”.

Desks piled high with stacks of files have been replaced by enormous volumes of digital data. This is less visible than the mountains of files but contains even more information. We show you how to actively use your data mountains and transform them into true data treasuries.

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