easysquare – the specially developed Windows app

Apps have long since ceased to be seen merely as aids in everyday situations. They have now achieved the status of professional applications in the area of work. For example, many apps have been developed especially for professionals in the housing industry, effectively facilitating their work processes while demonstrably reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Just like all other mobile easysquare solutions, the easysquare Windows app is designed especially to meet requirements in property and facility management. It provides the option of mapping all kinds of mobile process steps – from simple mobile entry of working hours through to order management and even complex process chains such as a change of tenant. Using the digital forms provided by the app, the individual processes can be mapped in such a way that any tasks arising can be dealt with on the move with a smartphone or tablet PC. This includes performing on-site inspections, searching for prospective customers, recording defects, ensuring public safety, organising tradesmen services and numerous other functions.

The Microsoft system is suitable for a wide variety of device types. If you are using the latest version of the operating system, Windows 10, the boundaries between apps and classic programs are more blurred than ever. Windows 10 takes account of the specific properties of tablets, laptops and smartphones. It adapts to the device in question, recognises whether the user is working with a keyboard, mouse or touch screen and switches automatically to the relevant mode. It is therefore possible to work at the office desk or live in the field in the same application.

The offline capability of the Windows app means that, during an on-site inspection, a professional user can even enter data while in the cellar or lift and the data is synchronised in the form at a later stage.

In short, the easysquare Windows app can be used productively anywhere by professional users and in working situations involving numerous parties in all areas of property management.

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