EU GDPR – ready, steady, final sprint to the key date!

Could 25 May have become the most frequently named key date in 2018? This date marks the end of the transition period for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), which poses great challenges for many companies. All companies that use tools to process personal data need to get ready to meet increased documentation obligations. Companies in the real estate sector will not be excluded from the changes, as they certainly collect large quantities of data.

When prospective customers sign their rental contract, for example, personal data such as their name and bank account details is recorded in the ERP system and thus processed. The EU GDPR now makes more stringent demands on real estate companies here and demands more sensitive treatment of this data.

To accommodate the fact that many regulations primarily relate to the processes practised in property management with SAP®, PROMOS has developed two new reports.

Show me my data!

According to Article 15, affected individuals have the right to demand that the data-processing company responsible provide confirmation of whether it processes personal data relating to them. If this is the case, tenants can, for example, demand a copy of the data saved about them in a machine-readable form and information as to how the data is processed. These are precisely the functions that the new PROMOS information report provides. Firstly, it generates a detailed overview of the data relating to a business partner, not only specifying what personal data is recorded (for instance, date of birth or address), but also indicating how the data is processed in documents or correspondence. This information can ultimately be transmitted to the affected person in the form of a PDF document. Secondly, the data export function allows the data to be provided as a CSV file.

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