Efficient and Successful with the PROMOS Dunning and Case Record

Having to claim outstanding debt on the way of an authoritative judicial dunning process is very uncomfortable for the tenant and the landlord. Nonetheless, in some cases this procedure is inevitable because nonpayment is not only unpleasant but also an economical risk factor, which is not to be underestimated.

In order to organise the management from the first dun to the judicial suit in SAP® as simple as possible for the landlord, PROMOS has developed the dunning and case record for you.

Dealing with tardy customers requires quick actions on behalf of the landlord. Especially if the tenant doesn’t respond to the usual payment reminder, actions have to be taken quickly.

The PROMOS dunning and case record is integrated into the contract account sheet of the real estate contract and makes a quick view on relevant data of the tardy debitor possible. In a clear form all recent activities are depicted chronologically. The rent accountant as well as the responsible customer advisor can see with only few clicks when and how many times it has been dunned, which dunning level has been reached or which judicial steps have already been instigated. This way you save time, you obtain information more quickly to inform internal and external stakeholders and you simplify the clarification process of outstanding debts substantially. Especially the opportunity of resubmission of certain activities supports your employees in achieving objectives, meaning the settlement of outstanding debts via the customer. In the tab Electronic Dunning Notice a dunning application can be created on the basis of the dunning and case record. Der Umgang mit säumigen Kunden erfordert ein zügiges Handeln auf Seiten des Vermieters. Vor allem, wenn der Mieter auf die gängige Zahlungserinnerung nicht reagiert, müssen schnell die nächsten Schritte eingeleitet werden.

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