Brand new design – easysquare with unparalleled look and feel

To create an even more user-friendly and clearer display, easysquare’s mobile solutions will be appearing with a new modern design starting in October.

This change will make the overall application even better to use, since the new design offers more options for customising the various apps.

The services will be presented as tiles that can be opened to reveal more functions. It will be possible to add additional services to the permanently visible area on the app’s main menu according to the user’s wishes (e.g. “My Messages” or “My Bookings”).

Furthermore, widgets will display useful information within the app (e.g. “Confirm Your Appointment”) that can be opened directly.

These new and reorganised elements reduce the click depth for the user, since functions are not hidden in submenus.

Both pictures and videos can be shown in the carousel (e.g. “How the Activation Code works”). The parameters for individual use have been optimised to allow the tenant to also hide a carousel.

The new design is highly responsive – whether used on a smartphone, tablet or desktop, the design always optimally tailors itself to any device, making for a pleasant and intuitive user experience.

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