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Is there enough housing in Germany? Where are there vacancies? And in which locations does residential construction need to be encouraged? To answer this question, a building and housing census is to be carried out as part of the 2021 census.

Companies in the housing industry who own or manage apartments are obligated to support the building and housing census. Of course, counting your portfolio manually as if taking a kind of inventory is out of the question. So how can you persuade your SAP® system to provide the required data in the right format?

The statistical offices from the federal states will provide an interface (CORE web application) for secure online transmission of the data.

The data that you have available in electronic form must be transferred in a specifically defined CSV data record in May 2021. It will be possible to send data on a test basis in 2020.

PROMOS consult can support you in preparing this data with the following work steps:

  • Defining the data fields: Which data fields in your system correspond to the required data?
  • Report: Provision of an analysis based on the required data fields (ALV and CSV file) with the selection criteria of company code, accounting entity and building; additional fields can be considered if necessary.
  • Documentation of the procedure and handling to allow you to prepare the data independently.

Does this sound like a good alternative to a tally sheet? Then feel free to get in touch. We will be glad to help you fulfil your legal duty of disclosure.

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