Orderer Principle: PROMOS Offers Innovative Solution

Since 1st of June 2015 it is in force: Whoever ordered the broker has to pay. This law about the “orderer principle” shall particularly protect the tenant. At the same time landlords are faced with new challenges and innovations become necessary, because many landlords are no longer able to allocate broker’s fees to the rent due to the rent control and will therefore rely on direct self-marketing of their objects increasingly.

The easysquare portal for interested parties – arranging renting efficiently and networked

The easysquare portal for interested parties offers a modern and efficient solution for the renting of your real estates and the management of interested parties. With requests of interested parties objects can be picked out, offers can be prepared and viewing appointments can be arranged. Conversely, it can also be searched for the right prospect for vacant objects with only a few clicks. Even a quick and effective mass processing, which is indispensable especially for very popular residential areas, can be made comfortably in a clear and intuitively operable processing form.

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