Autumn is going to be hot this year

Cool temperatures with constant rain and fog? We will be lighting up those grey autumn days with the hottest solutions and enlightening topics at real estate trade fairs over the coming weeks. At the top of the list is EXPO REAL on 7–9 October 2019 in Munich. And this year we’ve collected an especially dizzying array of topics. You can find out about the latest PROMOS innovations in no less than five presentations at our stand.

Our main focus for the three days of the fair will be the networking of all participants in the real estate industry with the flexible solution architecture of the easysquare platform. It may be the real estate agent, who now finds the right potential tenants for their properties in no time thanks to the polished features and brand new Immobilienscout24 interface in the rental app. Or the owner, who can now navigate through the reports, performance indicators and master data of their properties with only a few clicks in an app specially configured around their needs. We will demonstrate for you live in our stand presentations which functions can bring your stakeholder groups the best added value. Thomas Bechteler, head of IT/Organisation at Dawonia Management GmbH, will be speaking from his own experience. He will report how the tenant app gave his company a real efficiency boost.

You need to unwind after so much input? We have naturally set aside time for that. On the first night of the fair, we invite you to take off with us. To take a break. Let’s relax with a drink after the day’s excitement so that we can start the next day fully recharged. We have provided further information on the event here.

What if you can't make it to EXPO REAL? We will gladly demonstrate our solutions for the topics of your choice on our stand at the SAP forum for the real estate industry on 24–25 September 2019. Additionally, you will also have the chance to get a live impression of easysquare workflow and the launchpad in SAP Fiori®. You can find out what other highlights are on the agenda here.

You will also have a chance to see us on 12–13 September 2019 at the 27th Deutscher Verwaltertag in Berlin and on 18 September 2019 at the Digitalisierungsforum Berlin/Brandenburg.

We look forward to bringing a ray of digital autumn sunshine into your workday.

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