In need of a helping hand with the annual financial statements?

Shortly before Christmas, a time when other departments finally have some room to breathe, the financial accountants’ heads are spinning. Tasks both big and small, spread across various specialist departments and team members, need to be performed for the annual financial statements. Any assistance here is, of course, gratefully received.

Some of the necessary tasks are extremely specific to the company in question. Others are standard in any company that uses SAP®, but even these can easily be lost amongst the flood of activity. The new financial year can also be full of nasty surprises. Maybe it’s impossible to post in SAP® CO because a number range is still missing or the period hasn’t been opened yet. In order to prevent such scenarios, many customers are finding it beneficial to outsource non-content-based standard tasks to PROMOS as an external service provider. Service level agreements explicitly specify the tasks being transferred to PROMOS Support. This significantly relieves the burden on the accounting team while also ensuring that everything goes smoothly at the start of the new business year.

Today, we would like to offer a helping hand in the form of five easy-to-implement tips for all those who have not yet taken up PROMOS’ offer. These will help you, too, to fine-tune your department:

  1. Work with check lists that contain the standard activities to be repeated every year.
  2. Many posting procedures offer simulations. Make use of these to gain an overview of the expected postings in advance. This will allow you to recognise and remedy errors or ambiguities before they cause problems.
  3. Start working on the annual financial statements in good time to avoid unnecessary stress.
  4. Begin now by checking the maintenance orders for which provisions need to be recognised.
  5. Ask other departments for their help at an early stage. This will allow incorrect inputs to be corrected in advance.

As a full-service provider, PROMOS offers an additional range of options that will not only optimise your processes and provide the appropriate software tools, but also give you regular advice and support for your routine tasks. If this is something that could help you, simply contact us directly.

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