Solution in the nick of time – report for the 2021 census

It is five minutes to midnight when it comes to the duty to disclose the current building portfolio to the Federal Office for Statistics. The list for the 2021 census has to be submitted by the end of March 2020. BGW Bielefeld decided to deal with the challenges associated with this using a PROMOS report.

A portfolio list in the required format

The 2021 census is a population census planned for May of next year, and within this a multi-level building and housing census is also planned. Following a defined structure in CSV format, major property owners are required to submit a complete list of their portfolio to the Federal Office of Statistics in the first quarter of 2020. Although the required data for this is generally available in the SAP® system, submission according to the required pattern is a challenge. For example, the street and house number have to be listed in separate fields. The same applies to house number ranges. For example, for the address Brückenstrasse 14a-16d, both the house numbers and the suffixes a and d have to be entered in individual columns. BGW Bielefeld also faced this challenge. How can the required portfolio list be created easily and, above all, quickly without having to tie up extra time and human resources? The report programmed by PROMOS makes this separation automatically. At the same time, a selection screen provides the option to fill empty fields with constants. There are also additional fields that the Federal Office of Statistics stipulates that cannot be completed with data from SAP®. For example, it must be specified whether the owner themselves has access to all, some or no information. If the information here is not consistent for all properties, owners now have two options. They can either enter the respective values in the results list manually at the end or generate individual lists, e.g. per company code, in which the value is filled as a constant and then merge the lists at the end. The PROMOS report can be introduced easily, in a very short space of time, and adapted to the existing data structure at your company so that you can fulfil your obligations relating to the 2021 census this month.

Putting the portfolio development on paper

The currently required portfolio list must be sent to the Federal Office of Statistics again in 2021, but this time including an indication of portfolio increases and decreases that have occurred over the past year, for example due to new construction or sale. PROMOS already has a solution available for this, too. The portfolio lists generated using the PROMOS report receive a time stamp, which the system to precisely compare allows lists created at a later date with any previous list. Differences are marked with a cross in the results list. A time-consuming comparison of each individual entry is totally unnecessary. All the property owner has to do is identify the type of change and mark it in accordance with the code specified by the Federal Office of Statistics.

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