Real-estate company RVI trusts PROMOS as a full-service provider

As a full-service provider, PROMOS maps the entire property-management spectrum in digital form for its customers – starting from targeted consulting, and continuing with the development of precisely tailored solutions and their subsequent introduction and operation. The combination of sound understanding of projects and its own company data centre is unique in this form on the market. Now RVI GmbH is also benefitting from the opportunity to make use of both sides.

As a long-standing expert, RVI GmbH develops real estate with lasting value and manages it across its entire lifetime. Land acquisition and property planning are just as much part of the company’s service range as professional property rental and management. To ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes as well, RVI GmbH is now using SAP® RE-FX for its internal processes. Specific requirements that arise from a real estate company’s field of activity meant it made sense to seek an industry expert for the project implementation and introduction of the system. PROMOS knows its customers’ needs and wishes and enables fast and easy implementation with its broad range of diverse solutions. Coupled with the possibility for operation in its own data centre, this made it the first choice.

“Our customers know us as a reliable partner when it comes to digital real-estate topics. For us, this means not just consulting and development, but also ongoing operation and an application service. This integrative aspect and the seamless integration of various service elements is cutting edge in the industry,” says CIO Volker Schulz, explaining the great trust that PROMOS enjoys from its customers.

In order to also stay state-of-the-art on the data system side in light of numerous S/4HANA® introductions and migrations, all the systems were recently updated to high-performance IBM Power9 architectures in the course of a regular hardware exchange. A host of live customer SAP S/4HANA® instances are also currently in the PROMOS data centre. “We are aware of the need in the real-estate industry to be able to run applications that require a lot of data and computing power, as is the case with the new S/4HANA® in-memory technologies. For this reason, we regularly invest in our hardware and upgraded our server technology just last year,” says Mr Schulz, explaining the technical background. The overall package also includes regular certification according to IDW PS951 Type 2, which, at PROMOS, not only applies to the data centre operation itself, but also extends to development and service activities.

Expressed in figures, this means operation of some 200 SAP instances in various release versions ranging from SAP® ECC 6.0 to SAP S/4HANA® 1809 for almost 5,000 active SAP users of our data centre customers. “We are pleased to welcome RVI GmbH as another customer in our data centre,” Mr Schulz emphatically concludes. In the future, PROMOS will continue to place a particular focus on investing in a modern and secure technical infrastructure in order to offer its customers the best possible all-round service.

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