Working from home at PROMOS – a balancing act with a digitisation effect

#weareworkingfromhome Today, our Sales assistant talks about what this can look like in an exclusive interview. He reports on his work from home, how the company is dealing with the current situation relating to the spread of COVID-19 and his ideas for the future.

In the current situation, PROMOS offers many options for combining childcare with working from home. These range from flexible working hours to the company’s own online school, PROMOS Campus Junior. Would you like to know what makes working at PROMOS special in normal times? We have added new employee interviews to our careers page.

Hello Marcel, for how long have you been working from home now?

Marcel: I can tell you that exactly. Since 16 March 2020. PROMOS started allowing its employees to work from home permanently at a very early stage.

And how is your everyday life different now to a day at the head office in Berlin?

Marcel: The main difference is that, in addition to work, my wife and I now have to take care of our children all day. They are both pre-school age and are constantly coming to us because they want something. My wife and I have now arranged to split the day in half, so one of us has the morning to concentrate on work and the other the afternoon. The other one looks after the children during that time.

Does that work well for you?

Marcel: Of course it’s completely different to our usual everyday lives. When you have to take care of your children alongside work for almost 24 hours a day, it’s obviously a bit of a strain. But honestly, I have to say I’m extremely glad that PROMOS even gives us the possibility to juggle work and childcare in this way during this situation. PROMOS reacted very quickly and flexibly. We do all our work well and nothing falls by the wayside. We are still working with the same quality and intensity as before the crisis. If it’s necessary, I’ll sit down in the evening and get some more work done once the children are in bed.

In your position as a Sales assistant, you are responsible for the entire process relating to preparing quotations. Has anything changed there now?

Marcel: Not really. The consultants request quotations from us when they’re in preliminary discussions with customers. This is done via a ticket system in the Projektron Business Coordination Software. I can process these tickets as normal just like I do in the office, and obtain the relevant resource planning and approval from the specialist departments and directors. What has changed now? Only the signature process. We now do this using scanned signatures – only after obtaining the approval first, of course.

If this works electronically now, couldn’t we also view this crisis as a driver of digital progress?

Marcel: Yes, definitely. I think this will also be reflected on the market. The housing and real-estate companies now suddenly have no choice but to deal with the digitisation of their business processes. This applies to both internal processes and tenant communication.

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