New for the tenant app – direct and paperless activation of users via the Professional App

The advantages of digital communication channels have recently become all the more apparent. The tenant app from easysquare has undoubtedly played a role here. Whether you require an important notice for the hallway, defect and service reports or the ability to consult contracts and statements, the app enables you to access everything you need in a contactless manner, quickly and at any time. But not immediately. Before you can use the functions of the app, you have to carry out an authentication step. Traditionally, this means you first create a request in the app with your own data, which has to be checked in the real estate company’s SAP® ERP system, and you are then sent an activation code by post.

Analyses show that this activation of tenant app accounts involving a code sent by post is the biggest barrier to actual use. We therefore need to strike the right balance between maximum security and simple and fast activation, so easysquare is now offering a further solution for this: the mobile – i.e. direct and paperless – sending of activation codes via the Professional App. This means that someone who uses the Professional App can proactively address tenants in the real estate company’s housing stock and activate them directly and process-independently. This makes the process of applying for and receiving codes much easier.

This new method significantly increases the number of app users – your consultant can tell you more.

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