Recertified once more as a Partner Center of Expertise – our quality is your advantage

A balanced combination of experience, expertise and high-quality infrastructure are the basic pillars of the known and loved PROMOS quality. And these are not just empty words, as is proved by the fact that SAP has once again recertified the Berlin-based digitisation expert as a Partner Center of Expertise. What does this involve?

The recertification, which takes place every two years, includes a strict examination of a range of key criteria that ensure the service and infrastructure quality of SAP® Channel Partners. These include demonstrating employee qualifications as well as compliance with specific processes and the use of global tools. “We are pleased to have demonstrated once again this year that we meet the high standards not only of SAP but that we impose on ourselves as a company. The world’s largest supplier of ERP software has certified that we meet all key performance indicators to their full satisfaction – and at a very high level besides. Repeated analysis of our procedures, continuous improvement of our infrastructure and regular training of our support team are the secret to our success,” says a satisfied Volker Schulz, Chief Information Officer.

However, the past years have shown that it is not part of PROMOS’ philosophy to rest on its laurels. Quite the opposite, in fact. Just as developers and consultants are continuously working on expanding and improving the PROMOS portfolio, our support team gives it their all to provide you with an even better service. Striving to develop further and innovate for our customers is what drives our daily actions and thoughts – now and in the future.

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