More time for a clever solution – 2021 census postponed

The comprehensive 2021 census includes a component in which housing and property companies are also required to send extensive data records to the statistical offices. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the census is now to be postponed by a year – extra time to find a clever solution to output the required data.

Large property owners must provide the statistical offices with a portfolio list of their apartments and buildings in CSV format based on a fixed structure. However, according to the German Association of Property Managers (Verband der Immobilienverwalter Deutschland; VDIV), the coronavirus pandemic has significantly impeded the necessary preparations for transmitting this data. For this reason, the census is being postponed by one year.[1]

But what simple solution can you use to export the data that lies dormant in your SAP® system in an orderly manner for the census? PROMOS has a clever report for this. The required information is prepared so that it corresponds to the format specified for the census. For example, as part of the report the street and house number are transferred in separate fields or house number ranges are listed separately. The data is exported directly in the required CSV format. PROMOS also has a solution for data to be transmitted with a year’s delay in which changes have to be made visible. When data is called again, a time stamp allows the system to automatically detect differences between the lists.

Sounds like a challenge that can be mastered? We think so too. So make use of the extra time we’ve been granted and avail yourself of the automated solution from PROMOS!

  1. Source (in German): https://www.vermieter-ratgeber.de/news/zensus-2021-wird-um-ein-jahr-verschoben.html
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