The first KIWI Platform Hackathon – results that are worth seeing

The first KIWI Platform Hackathon got more than a few programmers’ hearts racing over three days at the facilities of the Berlin locking system experts. In small teams, specialists from three companies developed concrete solutions for the real estate industry. Could you potentially soon be opening KIWI.KI locks with the easysquare tenant app?

Make two things one – the idea of the first KIWI Platform Hackathon

In addition to the team of experts from PROMOS consult, employees from Datatrain and Wohnungshelden also worked intensely on specific use cases to design even more integrative solutions for the real estate sector. The goal: make stand-alone solutions a thing of the past. Users should have the ability to control various systems through a single application without have to enter the same data multiple times in different places. For PROMOS, the concrete goal was to enable integration of the KIWI.KI digital door locking system into the easysquare tenant app without requiring users to verify themselves multiple times though different service providers. And the result? Precisely that and a bit more.

Open sesame – results at a glance

To summarise: across two intense days of work, the development team led by software architect René Libbert and software developer Tobias Koops created an interface to the KIWI.KI servers that makes it technically possible to open the company’s digital door systems. This was implemented for two scenarios:

  1. A tenant activates their account in the tenant app and automatically receives a digital key for their apartment door without having to register with KIWI.KI.
  2. A potential tenant responds to an ad, then simultaneously receives a viewing appointment and a digital key to enter the relevant viewing object.

To assign easysquare app users to the relevant rental unit and thus to a specific door, a door ID for a rental unit can be stored in the connected SAP® system. In this way, it is possible for both confirmed and potential tenants to open the corresponding KIWI.KI doors using the tenant app or the potential tenant app, respectively.

The team has even already ensured the intuitive operation typical of easysquare. There is now a special “digital door access” service that can be integrated into the easysquare app. Here, users see a list of all the doors to which they currently have a digital key. Doors can be opened with a click or marked as favourites. Once at least one door has been marked as a favourite, a specially programmed widget also appears in the upper area of the easysquare tenant app. Clicking on this will open an overview of all the user’s favourite doors.

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