Rent freeze, round two

The new Berlin regulation of legal requirements for rental prices (MietenWoG Bln), more commonly known as the “Mietendeckel” or rent freeze, has been in effect since the beginning of the year. Its constitutionality remains a topic of controversy, but landlords must still comply with the new requirements. A second level of the law is now coming into effect in November. Once more, we are here to offer support in the technical application.

The Berlin rent freeze consists of two levels. In the first level, landlords first had to ensure that the rents they charged were not above the valid rent for their units on the key date of 18 June 2019. Otherwise, the rental prices had to be reversed, or, as the name implies, frozen. The second level of the law requires the reduction of all rental prices that lie above a standard amount stipulated by the Berlin Senate. This is determined by a detailed table that specifies a valid upper net rent price per square meter according to the construction year, furnishing and location of a unit.

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