Now with even more functions – Widgets in the easysquare apps

Successful apps are perfectly tailored to the needs of their users. In addition to usefulness, though, the crucial element is usability. User-friendly logics are key when it comes to satisfaction and length of stay in mobile applications.

For an even better user experience, easysquare apps are now available with widgets. Widgets are design elements that serve as previews of static or dynamic content. They deliver both variety and a quick overview on the homepage, particularly when the user opens the app.

The widget functions as a shortcut. Clicking on one can send the user to a website, form or box list. There are two categories here: static widgets and dynamic widgets. The information in a static widget is stored once and always displayed in the same way. The content of dynamic widgets is determined when they are loaded. This allows the widget to show up-to-date information or refer to forms that are up for processing.

A widget consists of a title, image, subtitle, short descriptions, date and time. It thus delivers lots of information quickly and concisely.

Extreme versatility

The list of possible applications is long and wide-ranging. This can summarise many work processes into one screen for professional users of the professional  or administrator app such as administrators, property managers and caretakers. To avoid having to search for frequently used templates or upcoming tasks, these can be displayed using widgets directly on the home screen. Users thus immediately see how many new tasks are waiting for them and can get right to work. This spares them the several clicks usually needed to reach their most frequently used forms or upcoming tasks. There’s no better way to maintain an overview of your hectic workday.

In the tenant and owner apps, as well, you can use widgets to create a compelling, interactive user experience. For instance, the home screen can directly show tenants special offerings in the marketplace, in the neighbourhood or on the bulletin board. Users will be excited to see attractive offers directly on the home screen or be grateful to read there that the lift is being repaired before they make a big trip to the grocery store.

The potential use cases for widgets are thus practically limitless, offering users noticeable added value in the app.

And one more piece of good news in closing: the versatile widgets can be implemented with minimal development and maintenance effort. Are you interested in adding widgets to your app or do you have questions? Then get in touch with us!

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