The crowd goes wild – This new application for SAP Fiori® will get you excited too

When analysing complex posting processes, financial accountants often grab a pen and paper to represent things graphically in a T-account. This makes it easy to recognise connections. There is now an SAP Fiori® application for displaying documents in a T-account view. Hard to believe?

Up to now, SAP® ERP only allowed a tabular view of posting procedures. Financial accountants quickly reached the limits of their analytical skills here, especially for complex posting procedures. Those days are over! SAP Fiori® now has a small, unassuming application with an unexpectedly large impact. It displays your posting documents in T-accounts with a single click. Simply call up the desired documents directly or select them via a search template and the postings are immediately shown graphically in the relevant inventory accounts and profit and loss accounts. It is even possible to call up documents from different company codes in a parallel view. To find out what this looks like and what other clever features the app offers, be sure to watch our latest YouTube clip.

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