Fiori® makes dreams come true! Today: document flow analysis in SAP®

What are the actual benefits of Fiori®? Modern interface, simple navigation, mobile access – sure, those are all nice to have. A far more significant advantage, though, lies in the unprecedented Fiori® applications that tangibly simplify and accelerate your work. One such example is the document flow analysis for financial accountants.

Mapping out and analysing complex document contexts – for financial accountants, this work is often akin to searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Cancelled documents, subsequently reposted invoices or orders that lead to a high number of purchase order items and invoices can all make document analysis a complex affair. The revolution is now here with document flow analysis for SAP Fiori®. It enables the graphic representation of all documents associated with one specific document, thus accomplishing what was previously unimaginable in the classic SAP® ERP system. All individual steps, including possible cancellations, are displayed in a clear chain. You can choose to display either the operative or general ledger document flow. Various features and navigation opportunities provide further analysis options. Find out what these are in the video.

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