Language barrier? No problem with the multilingual translation and back translation function for the easysquare tenant app

Hola, Hello, Hej, Bonjour, Ciao! We can understand these greetings even with limited knowledge of foreign languages. Often, we can communicate in other languages in everyday situations, but we quickly reach our limits when things get more complex. This is precisely the situation for many tenants whose native language is not German. For this reason, a whole range of foreign languages is now available for the easysquare tenant app.

Language as a basis for communication

The easysquare tenant app is the ideal tool for communication between housing companies and tenants. The integrated neighbourhood service and the easysquare marketplace also strengthen exchange within the residential building and the district. However, language barriers can limit the benefits of the app. Since the summer of 2020, it has been possible to display all content visible in the easysquare tenant app in English. Now all form areas of the app support a whole range of different languages. And the really special thing?

Translation in both directions – how it works

Through the provider DeepL, up to 23 different languages can be made available in the easysquare tenant app via API. Users can choose from a wide range of international languages – from Spanish and French to Russian and Chinese. The aim here is to support tenants in a targeted manner wherever connections become more complex. The new translation function will therefore be used wherever users are required to complete a form or complex content is presented, such as when registering a subtenant or for the translation of bulletin board entries in the easysquare tenant app’s neighbourhood service. For example, if the user opens the form for changing a bank account in the “My Contract” area, a “Language” button is available at the bottom. The desired language can be selected there. The translated form is then available. The highlight is that tenants can now complete the form in the language of their choice. Following confirmation of the entries, not only the form, but also the tenant’s input will be translated back into German. The form can now be sent. This will significantly reduced individual queries to the housing company via traditional channels. The translation function, which works in both directions, can also be used for reading and creating entries on the bulletin board and in the easysquare marketplace. A real help for both sender and recipient!

Communication is the basis for a positive relationship. With the new translation function, you can now reach even more tenants. Contact us for an individual consultation!

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