Where accessibility begins – the easysquare web app is gradually being optimised

Statistically, people with disabilities are particularly active in digital media platforms. This is a good and important reason to optimise online offerings for this target group. We are therefore implementing accessibility measures in our easysquare web app step-by-step starting now. This has advantages for all user groups, and the first optimisations will be online soon.

What will change for you in the near future?

The first accessibility measures will already be available on 31 May 2021 with Release 6.135. They will affect the easysquare web app. Because there is a wide range of different requirements for accessibility, we decided to proceed in a step-by-step manner during implementation. This allows you to benefit from the first optimisations as quickly as possible.

For the first step, we focused on the homepage and login page. The following measures have been implemented with the new version:

  1. Keyboard usability: When users navigate through the easysquare web app by tab, a coloured frame appears as a visual indicator around the area on the page where they are located.
  2. Additional explanation fields: Input fields with placeholders have received an additional explanatory label to make it clear what information is required even after clicking in the field.

Further measures will gradually be implemented and rolled out to all pages of the easysquare web app in the coming months.

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