easysquare – an app with many faces

If you take a look in the App Store or Google Play and search for easysquare, you’ll discover that our easysquare apps come in a very wide variety of designs. In the case of white label apps, you can’t tell at first glance that they are apps powered by easysquare. And there is a good reason for this!

The smart way of retaining customers

What epitomises good service? Constant accessibility, reliable and competent information, and a friendly manner. In our digitised world, mobile service applications definitely deserve a place among your top 5 possible answers. After all, a professional communication app reaches your customers or employees at all times, wherever they live and work. Namely on their most important technical companions: their smartphones. Whether we need to look something up, contact someone, make a call or do the shopping, we always have our mobile phones with us. You won’t find a more direct means of access in today’s world!

A face for your brand to draw customers’ attention

To keep pace with this development for the real estate industry, easysquare provides an extensive infrastructure. To be precise, the easysquare white label apps provide you with a generic app tool kit that you can use to compile an app of your own for your company in a straightforward manner. Moreover, to ensure that our app really becomes your app, we offer you a broad range of co-branding options. Visit our brand new website to find out more about this: https://www.easysquare.com/co-branding_apps/

Using the tool kit provided, you can not only define the range of functions in your app, but also determine what it looks like – from the colours, the icons and the appearance of your service tiles to the use of images, banners and videos. Our own designers will support you throughout the entire process of designing your app and will be happy to advise you on implementing it. Just contact us if you're interested!

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