The digital bulletin board – now with better and more effective functions for editing your posts

The latest update for the digital bulletin board from the easysquare app tool kit is extremely popular. It has never been so easy to specifically convey information to the community of tenants and numerous other user groups. This new convenience is not only spurring the flow of communication, but also boosting tenant interaction with the practical news items relating to their respective properties. In this article, we will explain precisely what changes have led to this improvement.

What exactly is a digital bulletin board?

The digital bulletin board is a popular service for conveying information to tenants quickly and directly. It is based on the conventional bulletin board in a building’s entrance hall. The administrator’s portal can be used to provide tenants with information in the form of digital bulletin board posts in the tenant app. In this way, the tenants are informed without delay, for example, of any planned building work or changes – even when they are on holiday. You have the choice here of conveying the information to all tenants across the entire tenant app or just to selected accounting entities and/or buildings.

But that’s not all! Thanks to the generic development approach for the easysquare app tool kit, the digital bulletin board is not just restricted to a single app. The generic bulletin board is already used successfully in all other easysquare applications too. In the craftsmen portal, for instance, the app provides a brilliant service, providing administrators with a convenient means of informing craftsmen about a maintenance time frame, the obligation to wear a mask or other points to keep in mind – in a quick, user-friendly and targeted manner.

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