When do you have time? Appointments made simple with easysquare

Generic online appointment booking is a further module to increase efficiency and user-friendliness in the easysquare apps. Does someone need to accept a maintenance order, answer questions about a notice you posted in a building hallway or clarify the final details of a rental contract? In most of these cases, the tenant advisor is the first point of contact for your tenants. Your employees are ready with advice and support for rental and housing matters both large and small. Rather than having your tenants reach for the phone or make their way to a service office, digital appointment booking offers a convenient solution – for both sides.

Satisfied tenants thanks to self-service

Your tenants will thank you. After all, they already book appointments online in their everyday lives – whether it’s a hair salon appointment or a slot to apply for a new identity card at the citizen’s office. With a digital appointment book, they can select and book an available appointment online at any time of day – even from their couch in the evening, when no employee would be answering a telephone. And a practical reminder function helps ensure that nobody misses an appointment. Tenants should experience the same level of convenience with their property management office. easysquare’s brand new generic appointment booking feature can be easily integrated into your tenant app to provide your tenants with the corresponding boost in service quality.

In-house, automated appointment coordination

Your employees will also benefit from this, as the feature relieves them of the tedious tasks associated with coordinating appointments. Your app first gives them a compact overview of all booked and available appointments listed by date. Your tenants will only see the available booking windows you have specified in advance. And if something unexpected comes up, both the tenant and the tenant advisor can cancel the booked timeslot. They don’t have to leave the app for this at all, since appointments can be cancelled directly via an action button. Your tenants are then informed of the cancellation accordingly via push notification, and the time slot will be available again for a new booking.

A special highlight: thanks to Outlook integration, all changes are synchronised automatically so that your employees need only glance in their calendar to see which appointments have been booked bindingly and which ones are only reserved as available for booking. Linking to your administrator login ensures that availability in the calendar is checked first when new windows are created to avoid any overlapping appointments. Only after an appointment has been booked by the tenant will its status change from “reserved” to “booked”. In turn, all tenant and appointment details from the appointment booking form in the tenant app are transferred to the Outlook appointment.

The perfect feature for your app

What an improvement in tenant communication! Effortless appointment booking offers real added value for your customers, ensures transparency in the availability of appointments, highlights your accessibility and thus motivates your tenants to use your tenant app. At the same time, you maintain full control, grant appointments on your own terms and get to significantly reduce the time, resources and coordination efforts involved in this task. Would you like to use online appointment booking for groups beyond your tenants? Thanks to the generic development approach of easysquare, the digital appointment booking function can also be integrated into your apps for other groups such as administrators, landlords, employees or craftsmen and service providers.

If we’ve piqued your interest, please contact us! Our experts will be happy to advise you on your specific application cases.

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