Think mobile! Our app developers in a new video

If we hear people using terms such as Scrum, framework, DevOps, front end, back end and UX, then our app developers are sure to be nearby. And as we have been fascinated by their work for quite a while, it is now high time to let them give us an insight into the development of our easysquare apps. The interview reveals a secret or two.

The world is becoming increasingly mobile! More and more applications are being used on smartphones and other devices. Apparently, each terminal device hosts an average of over 80 apps. The small multifunction tools map entire core processes in the company, provide support with customer retention and play a significant role in increasing efficiency. Professional real estate management is no exception here. From technical building management (think, for example, of the regular inspections in conjunction with legal safety obligations or conducting a change of tenant ) through to communication with tenants in our own customer portal – we have our smartphone or tablet with us everywhere, at all times. Using apps such as easysquare therefore facilitates access to information, processes and interactions.

But how can all these possibilities fit into a single app? Our easysquare app developers know exactly how. They are real experts, regularly designing new apps or features in coordination with product and demand managers, programming them and making them available to download in the appropriate stores.

Before you now go off to count how many apps are actually installed on your smartphone, we invite you to watch our developers in the new video as they report on their range of tasks, the process involved and the prospects in app development:

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