Now even more user-friendly – booking appointments in easysquare rentals

Using easysquare rentals, numerous steps in the rental process can be digitised and simplified. The solution is a valuable tool that has been thoroughly tested in recent years and has been proved to reduce the workload of employees while increasing efficiency. Nevertheless, based on the presumption that those who stop improving stop being good, we maintain constant exchange with our customers, obtain feedback from users and keep tabs on the latest technology. This ensures ongoing further development right in line with the needs of our customers. That’s why we have spent the last few weeks working on the appointment booking function in order to optimise the user experience.

The appointment booking function: “Does next Thursday suit you?”

Appointment booking is an efficient benefit within the digital rental process. Landlords can specify appointments for the individual properties to help with their planning. When queries are received, they can invite the potential tenants to find an appointment. Potential tenants are given an overview of the available appointments and can then commit to one. The professional user always has an overview of all booked and available appointments. This significantly reduces the time required for coordinating appointments.

What’s particularly special about it is that viewings can be saved as appointments in Outlook as the appointment creation is directly linked to Outlook. The system thus checks in the employee’s Outlook account to see whether there is already an appointment in the calendar. If there is, a message is generated with information about the scheduling conflict. The employee can then decide whether to save the appointment anyway or change it.

What’s new?

“Less is more” now also applies to the area of appointment booking. We have made the form easier to read by getting rid of unnecessary information. We have also improved the way in which the individual appointment statuses are organised and structured, so that all the important information can be found more quickly. What’s more, appointments in the past are now listed separately. This allows users to focus on the appointments that are still pending.

For potential tenants, too, the range of function modules has been extended and the process further optimised. If none of the specified dates suit the potential tenants, they can use the feature to define preferred dates, stating the days and times of day that would generally suit them for appointments. This information then goes to the landlord, who can subsequently take it into account. In this way, additional loops in the process of arranging appointments can be effectively minimised.

The result is a very clearly laid out and thoroughly user-friendly function – it’s the epitome of efficient, modern rental processing!

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