The 12th OpenPromos Anwenderforum – Look Through the Keyhole!

With great steps we come closer to the industry event of the year. Today we already want to lift up the curtain a little bit, to give you a foretaste of the upcoming OpenPromos Anwenderforum on the 4th and 5th November in Berlin.

A great number of our topics and desired referents stand firm. Under the motto “In the Centre of Digitisation” we not only put people but also the real estate objects into the focus of our considerations. New business models and innovative technologies are developing quickly. But only those ones, who keep sight of the human as a customer at this pace, will stay successful in the market. You can expect interesting keynotes of highly esteemed industry experts, numerous customer presentations with news from real life as well as a workshop on the topic comfortable migration for non-SAP® users.

Get inspired!

Under the interrogation, where the digital journey will take the people and how it will affect the exploitation of real estates in the future, various experts from practice and from research will set strategic impulses and present innovative ideas.

Fabian Hemmert, well-known pioneer and design researcher from the field of telecommunication, identifies needs of users as decisive guidelines for the development of new technology in his presentation. His main idea is that techniques of today have to become more physical and need to come alive for humans. He presents this using a vivid example – the smartphone of the future.

Beyond that, Prof. Dr. Markus Gehnen, director of the laboratory for smart buildings at the TFH Georg Agricola in Bochum, talks in his presentation about how modern techniques in form of smart homes enable an intelligent control of buildings. Of course the resident is kept in mind, because only with the appropriate user acceptance new networking technologies can take full effect.

Gained in practice, for use in practice

But that’s not enough! Just like in previous years our customers refer to practice directly, when it comes to the use of different solutions from the colorful PROMOS Portfolio. Among others the speakers are the City Basel, the PATRIZIA Immobilien GmbH as well as the GBW Group from Munich.

Workshop “comfortable migration”

Are you a creature of habit? Then you might miss out the best! We will show you how simple changes can be. After many years in practice the one or other might become blind for weaknesses of the own IT-solution, might accept the apparently “not-possible” or finds complicated compromise solutions. This might even apply to the use of existing ERP-systems. In an interactive workshop we will present you exemplarily how to manage the change from non-SAP® systems to SAP® with our comfortable migration. We look forward to meeting you!

Further details to the location as well as many useful information you will find here >>

At the end of August you will receive a personal invitation as well as the complete agenda. We already look forward to your registration!

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