PROMOS Deposit Management – Efficient, Secure and in Conformity with the Law

As a manager of big real estate stocks you know how important it is to ensure your claims from a tenancy with deposits. Though, extensive requirements of property owners, tenants and wide guidelines of the legislator are connected with the management of your tenancy safeties. To meet those requirements in a simple way and to ensure the tenant a trustworthy and transparent dealing with its paid services, PROMOS developed the deposit management for you!

The deposit management by PROMOS is integrated into the SAP® contract management and enables a holistic depiction of all kinds of deposit. The deposit contracts are always linked to the rental contract and inherit the duration of the rental contract, because the deposit agreements as tenancy safeties are always at the bottom of the rental contract.

With the PROMOS deposit management different varieties of the deposit types are regarded, cash as well as cashless deposits:

Bank books, bonds and commercial papers belong tocashless deposits, which are only of informative nature. Every deposit data, e. g. the depository, the agreed amount or the amount of the deposit receipt are deposited within the deposit agreements of the particular real estate contract. That way information can be called up at any time by any processor.

For the depiction ofcash depositcontracts there is only one type of deposit, which obligates the tenant to hand over a certain amount of money to the landlord or a landlord account. For the management of cash deposits there are the following functionalities available:

  • Capture of target deposits, rates, increases and decreases
  • Capture of exemptions
  • Posting of agreed deposits
  • Capture of payments / calling-in / integration ELKO
  • Settlement / payout / retention of deposit
  • Interest yield (interest calculation) as a bulk process or within the payout / settlement
  • Print of interest settlements via SmartForms
  • Mass billing
  • Evaluations

The deposit management of PROMOS is independent from banks and additionally offers comprehensive reporting possibilities. Profit from numerous other advantages:

  • Every deposit at a glance: With the clear depiction of account movements and the possibility of current status tracking you can manage deposits for the tenant transparently!
  • Complete integration and lean processes: The deposit management is completely integrated into your SAP® contract management. In addition to that, the PROMOS solution automates the numerous manual process steps and simplifies your deposit management sustainably.
  • Less effort, less mistakes, less costs: With the automated calculation of deposits and interests as well as various payout-possibilities valuable time resources are saved.
  • Multi-negotiability: The PROMOS deposit management happens independently from the tenants’ house bank.
  • More service for more satisfied tenants: A smooth and correct process while processing deposit payments and payouts increases tenant satisfaction massively.
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