Lightning-fast login and the tightest security – Single Sign-On for SAP® applications

PROMOS is boosting internal security and efficiency with Single Sign-On for SAP® applications. How does it work? Imagine logging in without having to enter a user name or password – not only on a single platform, but on all your important systems at once. And the login process is subject to the most stringent security criteria and privacy controls. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Our newsletter article explains how Single Sign-On for SAP® applications at PROMOS works, how it simplifies daily business for our employees and how it even increases login security at the same time.

SAP is known for providing a wide range of applications and systems that boost efficiency and simplify work. As a long-time SAP partner, PROMOS has had many of these applications integrated into its day-to-day business for years. Accordingly, PROMOS employees spend lots of time each day logging into all the individual platforms manually. After all, data protection and secure digital identities are a top priority, which makes it essential to log out of all platforms each day.

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