easysquare @year22 – A look back in numbers

With over 200,000 new users registered for the easysquare platform this year, we reached a record level of some 820,000 active users in 2022. From property managers to tradespeople and tenants, all actors in the real estate and housing industry can easily and conveniently access the digital easysquare applications, simplify their work processes and save a substantial amount of time and money. A level of success reflected in the numbers on our platform.

Success factor: customer apps

With our app-based, 360-degree easysquare solutions, we give real estate and housing companies just the tools they need to increase service quality for their customers. Customer apps and the like reduce paper consumption and the number of phone calls while simultaneously increasing availability and transparency in communications. And demand is on the rise. The rapid increase in user numbers with around 200,000 new registrations on the easysquare platform, especially for tenants and potential tenants, shows that our customers are ahead of the pack in expanding their digital solutions. Tenant satisfaction with efficiency and less work for employees – it doesn’t get any better! And the numbers leave no doubt about user acceptance: over 770,000 documents were delivered this year via our customer apps.

Professionals at their best

The professional users have been no less busy than their tenants – they upload documents, issue notifications and send reports every day. When conducting mobile work steps, they get extra support from our all-rounder – the easysquare professional app. Many processes mapped centrally in an ERP system like SAP® can be controlled easily and intuitively in the field on all conventional devices with our professional app. This significantly simplifies daily business for employees as well as property managers, caretakers, craftspeople and service providers. Whether reporting damage, recording the status of properties or commissioning a trade company with small repairs on the way to the next apartment handover – everything they need is right in their pocket. It’s no longer necessary to handle everything in person at the office.

Our statistics indicate that our customers were especially active in mobile property management. Approximately 67,000 change-of-tenant processes were conducted via our easysquare platform in 2022. We also saw around 330,000 safety inspection processes and 114,000 additional processes from almost 50 different process types in the field of professional real estate management. Not bad! We can hardly even imagine our professional users still processing volumes like that with paper and pen.

The best at B2B

Let’s round things off with a look at our craftsmen app: around 444,000 orders were processed on the easysquare platform in 2022, and our customers paid almost 240,000 service entry sheets. Combined with the numbers for professionals in our business application segment, that brings us to a record 1 million processes handled by our easysquare platform in 2022.

What more is there to say? Thank you! Our whole team would like to thank all our customers for their trust, their feedback and their drive to make our joint solutions even better. We look forward to another exciting and challenging year in 2023. Let’s face it together!

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