Flying high – the OPUF is finally back in person!

The OpenPromos User Forum is finally taking place in person again in Berlin and we couldn’t be more excited! The last couple years haven’t been easy – above all due to social distancing measures. We’re therefore all the more pleased that we will meet again and listen to exciting lectures in person this year. Of course, COVID hygiene regulations will be observed, and digital participation is still possible.

What awaits you?

As in years past, you can look forward to a packed programme with presentations from real estate professionals and digitisation experts. As our keynote speaker, startup founder and best-selling author Gerriet Danz will talk about innovation and error culture at this year’s User Forum. Speakers from the real estate industry will report on their experiences in housing companies, building firms, real estate management, maintenance, private and municipal housing and real estate construction – a diverse programme with many practical first-hand reports. After all, the OPUF ultimately aims to create real added value for guests that benefits them in their professional environments.

What sets the OPUF apart?

The trend toward digitisation is constantly picking up speed – producing advantages for real estate industry players as well as their customers and tenants. After all, everyone benefits from digital processes, fast communication channels and data transfers with no media discontinuity. For one thing, they truly reduce workloads and increase efficiency for companies; for another, they bring improved communication and faster rental processes for tenants. How can you implement these innovative trends and seamlessly integrate new technologies into your operations? Learn the answer to that question and much more at this year’s OPUF. We’re soaring to new heights with digitisation – so let’s start flying high together!

When does the OPUF take place?

On 10–11 May 2023, the OPUF will once again take place in person at the Hotel Leonardo Royal in Berlin. So pull out your calendar and save the date – we look forward to your participation! Registration for early bird tickets will start soon, so be sure to keep an eye out. We will inform you about all new information and ticket options in our monthly newsletter. We don’t reveal everything, though – after all, our visitors should be treated to a few surprises. But this much we can tell you now: Our motto “We are flying high on digitisation” connects all events in the programme, especially the dazzling evening event. So see you soon – we can’t wait!

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