Flat-Rate Individual Value Adjustments at the Push of a Button with PROMOS.GT

The assessment of accounts receivable has always been a very time-consuming task. A systematic analysis of the receivables requires good analytical skills and a high level of method knowledge dealing with analyses available in SAP®. The PROMOS.GT solution for individual value adjustments sums up all those tasks for the assessment of accounts receivable with contract reference in one surface. Every task concerning individual value adjustments of receivables can be processed in one clear report – the accounting included.

The applied method for the assessment of accounts receivable – the flat-rate individual value adjustment – categorizes the receivables based on particular traits, e. g. dunning blocks, due dates or contract type. The respective peculiarity of traits and the resultant category can be marked individually by the practicing companies. These defined categories are assigned to devaluation rates. During the value adjustment run all accounts receivable assigned to a category are valued with the same devaluation rate.

This way the solution makes an individual adjustment of numerous accounts receivable in one process step possible. After the determination of the devaluation per contract it can be audited and then posted by the responsible processor.

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