PROMOS.GT available in English

In the course of the ongoing internationalisation of Germany’s real estate branch, real estate companies face a wide range of new challenges. In addition to many other tasks this also includes the provision of the needed IT infrastructure in the national language of the particular country or rather in English.

PROMOS has recognized this essential requirement and now provides all substantial parts of the open solutions library PROMOS.GT in English. In co-operation with an external translation office more than 1,000 texts have been translated.

In many cases the process of internationalisation happens gradually. Especially small and medium sized companies often find their way to international markets more unconsciously than consciously. What is lacking here is a strategic decision. But such a decision is strictly required to ensure that all necessary steps for a targeted expansion will be carried out. Not only fiscal, organizational or personnel aspects play a role in this process. When setting up an international distribution system you firstly have to adapt your IT infrastructure to the locally existing challenges. This particularly includes a multi-language ability of the existing software.

In this respect PROMOS translated the open solutions library PROMOS.GT into English. That way we cleared one of the main hurdles in the process of internationalization for you. All important parts of PROMOS.GT are now available in English. With approximately 1.5 billion non-native and 375 million native speakers English is the most important language for international communication. If needed we can also provide PROMOS.GT in any other language or translate client specific parts at any time.

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