Even the late bird can catch the worm – but only until 5 May!

The registration period for the 16th OpenPromos User Forum ends soon – so it pays to be as quick as you can. After all, only a limited number of tickets are still available. We’ve already told you a lot about the programme highlights, but there’s one thing we haven’t revealed yet – what we’ll be doing at the evening event. More about that now in this newsletter.

As in the years before the pandemic, the 16th OpenPromos User Forum is taking place in the popular, spacious Leonardo Royal Hotel in Berlin Alexanderplatz. Industry insiders, specialists and digitisation experts will be getting together from 10 to 11 May. We have already shared a lot with you via our newsletter and LinkedIn channel. You can expect an exciting round of discussions debating some of the serious issues of our time, a variety of presentations on the latest innovations and legal developments in the real estate industry, as well as speed sessions in which current topics will be presented in a short and concise format.

It’ll be an event that will really take off

Now we are finally going to shed light onto what else we have planned. We have already mentioned that the evening event will have you flying high – in keeping with our motto this year, “We’re flying high on digitisation”. Many probably assumed that this was only meant metaphorically. But actually, we want to let you literally soar into the air! At the Hurricane Factory in Berlin you will be able to take off – completely without wings, parachutes or the like – and fly in the wind tunnel. Of course, the whole thing will take place under strict safety precautions. Helmets and shoes, in case you don’t have suitable ones with you, will be provided on site. With wind speeds of up to 280 km/h, you will certainly have an experience you will never forget in the glass tunnel, which is about five metres wide and 15 metres high.

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