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Three questions for Katharina Knorr, founder and CFO of PROMOS consult

We have shown in recent months that equal treatment and gender equality are key issues for us that go beyond days like International Women’s Day. Working part-time as a male manager or working as a woman in software development has been perfectly normal for us for a long time.

The foundation for this was laid by our founder and executive board member Katharina Knorr (CFO). Exactly 25 years ago, Katharina founded PROMOS together with Jens Kramer (CEO) and their Berlin team and has thus been a strong role model for many other female founders. As we celebrate our anniversary, we would now like to look back with Katharina to the beginnings of PROMOS and have asked her three questions regarding how she herself felt about founding a company.

1. What appealed to you about founding a company?

Katharina: I was particularly attracted by the fact that, by founding PROMOS, I could play an active role in shaping workflows relevant to the company on a daily basis and make my own decisions. I was able to contribute my acquired knowledge as well as my personality and thus overcome corporate challenges. As a result, it’s not only PROMOS that has grown a lot in the last few years. I have as well.

2. Did the fact that you are a woman play a role in your decision to found a company?

Katharina: No, I would never have considered not founding a company because I’m a woman or founding a company because I’m a woman. It was never a question of gender for me – on the contrary. The only thing that was important for me was to be part of the team and to contribute to the success. That was always my primary goal.

3. What tips would you give to women who want to found a company today?

Katharina: Just do it and don’t wait. Challenges and problems need solutions and these can only be found through action and participation.

Thank you, dear Katharina, for your insight!

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